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Channels is the follow up EP to Metaphors for the Decline of Humanity. All songs written by Rob Poznanski, Sebastian Alvarez and Steve Guardi in the early months of 2013.


released December 10, 2013

Rob Poznanski - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Guardi - Bass
Sebastian Alvarez - Drums/Vocals

Extra Vocals by Kris Farrar on Glass and Riker Ave.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Rob Poznanski
Recording Assistant - Kris Farrar

Album Art by Greg Wilson (gregwilsonstudio.com)

Recorded in the homes of the friends and family of Cadence Fox from June-August of 2013.

A big thank you to:
Kris Farrar, Zach Place, Collin Benson, Maren McNamara



all rights reserved


Cadence Fox Chicago, Illinois

Cadence Fox is a 3 piece experimental band from Chicago.

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Track Name: Glass
(ascend the river Missouri
a band of well treaded men
a hard life met
with little reward
but my brothers respect me
and i them
on this journey
across the great unknown)
(we taunted nature
reaped her of all she had to give
so she bit back,
on the banks of the river grand)

With little respect,
i drew my blade
you wont kill my brothers and i
but mother was strong
and the darkness grew deep.
i awake abandoned.

and they left me here
left for dead and bleeding out
(it's protocol)

and they left me here,
a graves been dug, without doubt
(to extort a faceless man)

and they left me here,
them men which i called kin
(it's protocol)

and they left me here,
unknown if i will move again.
(to present the end of the road)

ill be damned if im to die here
set my leg, and heal my wounds
maggots eat dead flesh
just as ill feed off my root

six weeks go by
as i crawl through the night
i fashion a raft,
and float downstream to my plight
the natives will aid
bear hide sown to my back
in time i reach the fort
and plan my attack

(i found my former family
revenge in raw blood now
but these youth i cannot kill
in fates twisted ways
the people of the land will
i watched as they were slaughtered
with a grin upon my face
my hands clean of blood
my former men in their rightful place)
Track Name: Jonestown
i am your slave
i am the dirt beneath your feet
it's a delicate place
built upon all
our dreams

how do you run from
a presence that never shows its face
that molests your every move
you grow to live through days in a fog
when you hate yourself and everyone

eye's sewn open
to veer into every frail man
into every fucked up being
rotten from the greed
of this happy home

how do you run from
a presence that never shows its face
that molests your every move
you grow to live through days in a fog
when you hate yourself and everyone

i've created this place
a paradise
from rejected wombs
of dead mothers
a carnival
where all the clowns

i am a despicible man
i have seduced and destroyed
i will hold your head in the palm of my hand
i will taste this fruit and taste your life

put me to sleep
Track Name: Skin
The Clouds have lift me up, I stared into the child’s eyes
it's enough to make me sick
[why me!?]
What’s going on?
[why me!?]
Do I exist?

I was young once, I was cold.
He showed me gods embrace
He cut me up
And sewed me shut

I howled at a blood red moon
I sang the song of every crow
Who spit on me
Who used me up
Who held my life in such low regard
I shattered ears with every plea
I sank lead teeth into his heart
I seek no forgiveness
I hold no remorse
He would have done the same to me

I shed my skin along time ago
I told my parents
I was warm

I tore off skin for days

I paid in holy cash

I held my head in my hands

So cut me up and shut me up and throw away my being
Track Name: Harlow
My Curiosity's got the best of me
for what has mankind done to us
to re-install natures gift
for ignorance is bliss
and time, and value: illusion
a child's mind a blank canvas

a mind deprived is a mind alive
harlow's works were right
to carry on my mentors works
is to obtain the subjects first

Take to the streets,
we move in the shadows of night
collecting the young and broken
to be cast into the dark.

these souls have been forgotten
and forever shall be erased
when the lights go out,
so do inherited ways.

for time in the chambers,
all thoughts erased
isolation from our world
brings our beast outside.
12 years have now gone by.
release the gates, release the gates!

arms outstretched for flesh.
modern walls, broken
by an ancient force
this cant be, ive set you free.
this cant be, ive set you free.
(deny us! deny us! deny us!)

what have i done? what have i done?
forced good mothers ways away.
what have i done? what have i done?
broken the laws of what was meant to be.
Track Name: Riker Ave.
My presence was enough to get me what i wanted from these desolate beings
no substance under flesh

I stole their innocent creation
(he's harmless, just let her go)
for a chance at a false salvations
(he's harmeless, just let her go)

it was a short walk to the train, her eyes gleemed with love and mine
filled with hate
she picked flowers outside my door

i undressed, i called her in
(he's harmless, just let her go)
opposing eyes met, and i began
(he's harmless, just let her go)

and i started at the neck and she began her second life
how grim will this be? how grim can this end?

I ached for a taste of blood, i longed for this day
i began
no remorse, no remorse, no remorse

She died at my hands, my implements of hell
martyring, martyirng

martyring martyring

you said she could go