Metaphors For The Decline Of Humanity

by Cadence Fox

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Recorded February-April 2012. Written and recorded by Cadence Fox, and produced by Tristan Zemtseff. DIY, man.


released July 19, 2012

Robert Poznanski - Guitar, Vocals
Sebastian Alvarez - Drums, Vocals
Steve Guardi - Bass, Vocals

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Tristan Zemtseff.
Guest vocals by Tristan Zemtseff and Andy Eisen.
Piano on "Walls" and "Nothing" by Rob Poznanski and Tristan Zemtseff.
Album Art by Jamie O'Connell
Released July 17th 2012



all rights reserved


Cadence Fox Chicago, Illinois

Cadence Fox is a 3 piece experimental band from Chicago.

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Track Name: Walls
God Bless Us
These false idols
hold no weight at all
god bless.
Track Name: Metaphors For The Decline Of Humanity
How many times can you read the same book

before the pages fall out?

[The same old story for thousands of years,

words poring out are burning these eyes]

We’re so damn tired of reuse and repeat,

Please tell us that we’re not alone!

[The same damn story for thousands of years,

words spewing out, burning these ears]

(we dont die, we just influence, with our words) X2




Part (Best)
Track Name: Infested Unity
A man who's constantly cashing his check
feeding those he'll live to regret

while the books were left wordless
an artist spoke up:
"we've been stripped of all color!"
a canvas corrupt

they're a leach sucking into his head
feeding every crumb left unfed

the magic of being intact
is that everyone leaves you alone

catering to this nest infected
with eyes worn out to acceptance

father o father
please tell us why
the ground is all gone
and with it the sky

over and over.
Track Name: Shootout
what's your take on matters above?
you live a life of slow decay

the stars have aligned and my minds set fire
to every bridge that these hands have burned

you kneel for safety and pain to be lifted but all i know is your wasting my time
we drink to stay warm and bow to the alter but everything ends when its our time

i'm quite sure there must be something more to this game of life we all play

empty men preaching empty fucking thoughts and i know they're overwhelmed by those who think for themselves

the misfortune of selling out to a body never found

and when were sleeping who's watching you the eyes of our father or the eyes of the ignorant?
Track Name: Wilderness
so i sit while my head catches up to the rest of my body
a man i once knew just a shell of his former self
who'd of thought i could grow up so loved and so proud
but feel so alone?

I'm just another victim of disputing parties
with no means to an end, we are all infected.
we were raised like wolves always fighting for alpha
no permanent leader. No permanent growth

It's sickening how you've thrown away all of us who you've held so fucking high
as you mediate and mentor everyone on your right wrongs and wrong rights

victims of abandonment thrown aside for a being that doesn't exist.

these sick thoughts
always lingering
from the day i was born
to the day i couldnt see no more

and i'm done with my excuses
always running from the facts:
"he's never coming back home"
and i'm never going out again

I've known you my whole life
a life filled with my regrets
a life you've never gave a fuck about
your ignorance is fucking bliss

and yet my anger and my pride wont let me confess that you're worthless

i'm too proud to confess that you're worthless.
Track Name: Grudge
they ask, how'd you get so bitter?
Don't you feel incomplete?
It's a lesson learned that we're all one in the same
try to be your best

do as you will i wont forget
open your eyes man (open your eyes)

if there's one thing the book got right:
It's look out for your brother.

do as you will i wont forget
open your eyes man (open your eyes)

imitation is flattering
(but resale is fraud)
Skewing the words
(from your so called god)
do what you love but be your own man
father can't pay for babies lack of demand

dont walk tall knowing you stole from legends
they spoke of creation, rebellion, progression
respect what has been yet continue to push
write your own chapter to get in this book


save yourself (but it still doesnt help you)

do as you will i wont forget
open your eyes man (open your eyes)

and now we know.
Track Name: Red Sky In Morning
and it can be hard to swallow when your mouth is full of rotten words

a man with high hopes sets sail on a sea of lost dreams deception waves of fallacy (heh)


id carry this weight alone but these wavves (heh 2) have swallowed me whole

There's safety in numbers
(buying or selling)
unwanted eyes look down on me
(on every mountain that i have come to walk)
to shiver in the cold
(a false claim to acceptance)
permits a life alone
(for faded glory)

and you shoveled it's path
but ive chose to walk this tired road

because this tree i've grown
is growing on it's own

but if left unwatched
you'd burn down every fucking branch
and if left unnoticed
you'd sell the root to every seed.

hey you sign your soul away

and i guess it's human need
to feed on other beings

you've opened doors you cant close
i guess the end begins

and it can be hard to swallow
when your mouth is full of rotten words and expiration

claiming it's life at sea
(and i've come to recognize)
a bite to heal a salted wound
(the shadow of the man behind it's greedy eyes)

but i wont take my medicine (because it's children's Tylenol idiot)
ill take my chances on the road ahead.

as it's thoughts grow more extreme
it's mind attracts that bitter green

and i've come to recognize
(cause i'd rather be fucking dead)
the shadow of a man behind it's greedy eyes
(then act in a play where the curtains never close)

cause i wont take my medicine
ill take my chances on the road ahead
cause id rather be fucking dead
than act in a play where the curtains never close

(jahsgd jjjaue ooooasjhrf skdjfhskdfuuu hsd iiiek
sdjfhsh sksdiek sldkfj skddkeei DECODE 7 skdjfhs ALERT
sdkfjyy ffj4dj UVB jksdhfkjshf76 kjsdhfhh4d MAD)
Track Name: Purgatory
This is the truth

of us in pain.

Trapped the prison,

of our own brain.

Plagued by a repertoire

of mindless mistakes,

a purgatory of regret,

and passive ways.

Trial and Error
a fetish for serenity

my curtins close
and my lack of empathy

The progressions closed
my head held high

i regret fucking nothing.
Track Name: Womb Fury (Fuck You)
one in the same
we live in that tree
my mom shes a bitch
so i say:

FUCK YOU (womb fury)
Track Name: Kousin Kravitz
captain oh captain were knee deep in water
our fortunes ahead but were all going under

and you've got alot to learn about seeing the world
but youre speaking in tongues

and i'm staring at the sea
and im really scared
it's big enough to eat us all
and im really scared

and we live with no regrets
the ocean always has out back
but only when the favors returned

and im staring at the deck
and im really fucking anxious
there's a man with a suit on backwards
and im really scared

he keeps swimming into me
just looking to get his fill
just another victim of
ocean foreplay

you can run
you can hide
but your just
killing time
Track Name: Nothing